August 14, 2009

May I Rebel Please?

So, this is the big project i've been working on for the past 4 months. My biggest illustration spreaded in a room of 4 walls - each of them is 400X260 cm.

photos by Edan Kfir. thanx :)

T-shirt Mania

Wow it's been quite some time since my last post here... i've been so f*ckin' busy with my final project for design school, and moving apartments and stuff like that. been crazy.
Anyways, here are some new t-shirts designs i had the chance to do in the last month or so :)

July 14, 2009

The Knuckle Collision

One of my newest tee designs - The Knuckle Collision - has just won the heavyweights tee competition at!

You got until friday to pre-order it in a very low price.

Go get yourself a minty colored shirt - you know you need one ;)

June 29, 2009

"May I Rebel Please?" posters

My final project. I've been working very hard in the past 3 months or so on my installation for the big exhibition July 22nd. Here's a glimpse at the promo poster i made for my work - it's a double-sided folding poster. i really love how it turned out.

Monuments and Melodies

Here's the tee i designed for Incubus. It's actually for the Incubus competition down at

I thought long and hard before i illustrated the two monsters. Tried to create a shirt that's creative enough for Incubus but also has an idea behind it and not just some cool drawing.

Please head to DBH and vote for it if you like, here's the link:


June 01, 2009

Clownoplasty #2

great news! took me some time to post this but last Friday i was contacted by the's admin to let me know Clownoplasty won last weeks competition :)

thanx to anyone who voted!

May 25, 2009


i took a day off from my final project and worked on a new shirt design for the "JOKE ON A SHIRT" competition at the result is "Clownoplasty."
you can vote for it here:

please vote!!! :D

May 22, 2009

Feature at Genero Mag

The talented Matt Needle decided to come out with his very own new themed Magazine called Genero and i was honored to be a part of the very first issue. The theme was "cinematic" and i designed a brand new poster i had in mind for quite some time now.

May 14, 2009

Editorial work

I got good news and bad news... how cliche is that.

starting with bad: published today was the farewell column by alma zohar who i used to illustrate for every thursday, so other than how much fun i had working with her - it is also my final regular illustration. i gave myself a little more freedom than usual and illustrated what i felt when i heard the column is over. this is what i drew:

and the good news are that i was also asked to illustrate the cover for 24hours magazine today about the new gender and sexuality courses for men only, presented by Bar-Ilan university here in Israel.

what was mostly considered a women's field, is now open for men too, exploring manly behaviours, sexuality, psychology and whatnot :)

this is the cover illu :

May 04, 2009

The Center of the Univerese @ The Semi Permananet Book

My piece called "The Center of the Universe (Heart is where the Home is)" was printed in the new edition of The Semi permanent book! I'm really excited about it - this book is filled with sooo many talented artists - truly an honor.

April 22, 2009

Tzabar Show Ad

As a part of a flight+show ticket 3 ads campaign for Tzabar Tours, i was comissioned to illustrate an ad. The Paul ad was done by me, Amy's ad by Gili Comforty and Britney's by Eitay Reichert.
Big respect to Adler Chomski & Warshavsky / Grey for coming up with such a great campaign, I personally think it's funny and awesome.
Here it is, the whole campaign:

April 07, 2009

Semi-Permanent Book 2009

One of my illustrations (a personal favorite) is featured in the Semi-Permanent book 09. It's already printed and published at the Semi-Permanent events around Australia, should be available for online purchase soon.
Will post pictures once I get my very own copy.

April 04, 2009

Tel Aviv X Castro X YONIL

So, I started doing some freelance designing for "Castro", one of Israel's biggest and most successful fashion retailers.
As, a gesture to Tel-Aviv's 100th birthday, they printed a series of limited edition tshirts for the city.
I designed some of the prints for this series.

March 30, 2009

Watch out!!! IM CRAZY !#@!@$%$

A colored version of Koh-Poh, the main character for my final project. He's pissed off and hilarious at the same time.
Oh....also violent, very violent so beware...

March 27, 2009

And we're off..

So for the next couple of months i will be working hard on my final project for school.
I will probably put some process images here, this being the 1st, the main character of my story. His name is Koh-Poh but that isn't really relevant to the story - and he's a fucking pissed off creature.

would love to hear opinions.

March 19, 2009

The secret postcard project at Fresh Paint art fair

My three "Secret postcards" for this year's "Fresh Paint" art fair. All proceeds from the project will fund scholarships for youth from underprivileged backgrounds, who excel in the arts, for studies at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s Education Center program.

March 15, 2009

Some Editorial Illustrations

Some editorial illustration for a weekly column written by Alma Zohar, an israeli singer/songwriter.

March 09, 2009


On April 9th//10th//11th I will be participating in the TelAviv T:Market. My shirts are all printed and ready to be there.
Hope I'll see you there.

March 07, 2009

My new cards are finally printed!

my fresh-from-the-oven cards are finally with me. I went on a very simple and grid-based design which I think turned out pretty cool.

The glue that keeps us together poster

Two days ago I printed a poster of "The glue that keeps us together". Gave it as a gift to a friend.