June 29, 2009

"May I Rebel Please?" posters

My final project. I've been working very hard in the past 3 months or so on my installation for the big exhibition July 22nd. Here's a glimpse at the promo poster i made for my work - it's a double-sided folding poster. i really love how it turned out.

Monuments and Melodies

Here's the tee i designed for Incubus. It's actually for the Incubus competition down at DesignByHumans.com.

I thought long and hard before i illustrated the two monsters. Tried to create a shirt that's creative enough for Incubus but also has an idea behind it and not just some cool drawing.

Please head to DBH and vote for it if you like, here's the link:



June 01, 2009

Clownoplasty #2

great news! took me some time to post this but last Friday i was contacted by the shirtfight.com's admin to let me know Clownoplasty won last weeks competition :)

thanx to anyone who voted!